Taxonomy Taxi – better taxonomy management in WordPress

(This post originally appeared on Substance Labs)

Custom taxonomies are a great feature of WordPress that let you categorize your content beyond the default categories and tags. Setting them is as easy as finding the right plugin (I like Custom Post Type UI) or a little bit of digging into the code.

However, once you start to get a fair amount of content on your site, you can quickly find the admin a little lacking if you’re using more than one set of categories and tags to classify your content. I’ve released a plugin that should fix this problem, and it’s over at

If you’re already working with custom taxonomies on your site, simply install and activate the plugin. Head on back over to your main edit page (/wp-admin/edit.php) and you’ll see all of your taxonomies displayed in the main table.

I’ll run through a quick example. It’s nearly lunch time and I’ve got sausages on the brain. I want to categorize my posts by sausage type so have set up a sausage taxonomy.

I’ve added a few posts now, and you can see that the custom sausage taxonomy is showing in the main edit table. Since my theme supports post formats (which is technically another taxonomy) those show in the list as well.

In addition to being able to sort by any column, you’re also able to filter posts via the drop downs above.

Custom taxonomies have never been so delicious! Like every other piece of code, it’s sure to have bugs, so let me know if you find any. Hope this comes in handy for you, let me know if you have any suggestions – or, just leave me a nice rating on the download page.

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