Using aitch-ref! to switch between WordPress development environments

Today I updated aitch ref! to version .75 and I thought it was time I gave a quick overview of this WordPress plugin. Switching between development environments is a bit of a hassle because of all the places in the database, and even post content, where urls are hardcoded - it's a fairly common complaint among developers.

aitch ref! simply uses a set of filters that intercept any values returned from hard coded urls stored in the options table, as well as post content when using standard WP functions like the_content(). Go to the aitch ref! settings ( /wp-admin/options-general.php?page=aitch-ref ) and simply enter the different urls that this site may live at. Here's what mine looks like - you can see that my development server is at http://dev.ericeaglstun . Also I set up a catch for www to account for canonical redirects. One interesting thing to note, if you are using SSL, is that each entry must have a duplicate entry with https:// . I do not have SSL on my local server, but if I were to omit https://dev.ericeaglstun there may be occasional side effects.

Hopefully this can make your deployment a bit easier; I haven't tested this with multisite as much as I should - so test first and let me know if you find bugs or I can answer any questions.

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